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vSphere Client login to vCenter: Cannot complete login due to incorrect username or password

December 15, 2011

Simple one; when trying to logon to a vCenter server using the vSphere client, you get the error ” Cannot complete login due to incorrect username or password”
Sounds simple enough: password or username must be incorrect right?
Not always, in this case the credentials were OK (tested on user servers)
Turned out that in ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers), on the properties of the useraccount, tab ” Account” , button ” Logon to”, some specific workstations / servers were listed on the option ” The user can logon to”
When changing this back to ” All workstations”, the vSphere client logon succeeded.
Appearantly the logging onto a vCenter server through the vSphere Client also checks this setting, although one would think this is only checked when the user is actually logging onto the vCenter server, either on a console or through a Remote Desktop session..