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“Shared-Nothing” migration in Server 2012 Beta. The Logon attempt failed (0x8009030C)

May 4, 2012

Virtual Machine Live Migration in Server 8 Beta has been enhanced with some nice features, one of them being the so-called “Shared Nothing Live migration

Basically this means that the datafiles of the VM you want to Migrate, no longer neeed to reside on shared storage.

Also, the Hyper-V hosts you want to move the VM between, do not have to be in the same cluster.

Beware though, that the Hype-V Hosts DO have to be in the same Active Directory domain. This will NOT work in a workgroup scenario!

I am NOT going to show you how to do this, there are enough nice blogposts about this already (1 and2 )

I got a nice error today i want to share with you, because i couldn’t find anything about it.

When trying to kickoff a LiveMigration from one Server 8 Beta host to another i (sometimes) got the following error:

The Virtual Machine Service faield to authenticate the connection for a Virtual Machine migration at the source host: The Logon attempt failed (0x8009030C)

So, first question; did i set up the authentication correcly then?

Nothing special here, using Kerberos for authentication, and of course configured the Hyper-V hosts in AD for Constrained Delegation


Both Hyper-V hosts were able to properly reach the Domain Controller, and eachother.

Weird thing is, sometimes it WOULD work. By the way, changing to CredSSP didn’t help either.



After some testing it turned out that the problem only occured when i start a Live Migration on another host then the one i am running the Hyper-V Management console on.

Wait, whut?

– On Host 1, i log on locally and start the Hyper-V Management Console.

– I select a VM running on the local host and am able to properly move this to Host 2.

The VM is now running on Host 2.

– Then, in the Hyper-V Management Console, i add Host 2 to the console. (still running on Host 1)

– I then try to migrate the VM back to Host 1. This fails, with the error about logon.


So, when trying to move a VM to another Server 8 Beta host, execute this action on the Local Hyper-V Host.

As we already read here, it is also not a good plan at this time to start a live migration from your workstation. For now, just use the local server.