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SCCM PXE boot fails:

August 5, 2011

Just a short post to help out some people who want to PXE boot a machine to do a SCCM OSD, but get this error.

Doublecheck which SCCM Collections your machine is a member of, AT THIS POINT.

Let’s say you made an OSD task advertisement to the collection “All unknown computers”
You have a new computer, boot it up in PXE, and yes, you get the Advertisement for the OSD task.
The task runs, the computer gets windows installed, other software, and the sccm client.

Then, you want to run the same task sequence again on this computer, through PXE.
But, when you boot from PXE, you get the, and it won’t boot from PXE?
Well, because after you ran the previous OSD and the SCCM client was installed, your computer is no longer “unknown”.
It is now in the SCCM database,
and therefore no longer an “Unknown computer”,
and therefore it is no longer member of the collection “All unknwon computers”,
and therefore it will no longer get the advertisements which are targeted to that collection.

Actually makes sense doesn’t it? 🙂

So, find out to which collection the system now belongs, (at least it is a member of “All systems” now, but you wouldn’t want to advertise any OSD tasks to that) and create a new Advertisement for an OSD task to that collection.
Now reboot and try again. Voila, there is your PXE boot again