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Setting up a Server 8 – System Center 2012 testenvironment… on a laptop – Part 2- Configuring Server 8

April 16, 2012

Now for running Server 8 Beta on the laptop.

WiFi on Server 8 Beta

Firstly, as this is a mobile workstation, i want to be able to use WiFi in the testenvironment.

Luckily the drivers for the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN WiFi NIC are already included in Server 8 Beta.

If it would not be included, i’d have a go for a Windows 7 x64 driver to see it that would work. This is what i did for the display driver and it turned out fine.

This is however not enough to use WiFi connections. Being a Server, the WiFi services are not enabled by default. Makes sense right? So, lets enable this first.

So, go to Server Manager, Click Manage, and choose Add Roles and Features

Select “Role-based or Feature-based installation”, Select the local server and click Next.

We’re not going to install a Role now, so click Next to get to the Features list.

Scroll down to the “Wireless LAN Service” and select it.

Click Next and wait for the installation to finish.

This installs the Wireless Autoconfig Service, allowing connecting to WiFi networks.

Now i can connect to the internet, and start with running Windows Update to get available updates for Server 8 Beta, and see if there are some drivers available for the hardware.

Display drivers

Next thing to do is install a display driver for the built-in Intel HD display, so i can get some more features like using an external display for presentation mode. For this i use the Windows 7 X64 driver for Intel GMA HD provided by Dell (Click)

The installer for these drivers requires .NET Framework , and it doesn’t accept the built-in 4.5 version of .NET FW that comes in Server 8.

So I installed the .NET FW 3.5 Feature, which also includes .NET FW 2.0.

Easy, just click the feature, let it install and done. Right?


.NET Hell

As it turns out the source files for this feature are not installed in the local sxs folder,  and it downloads its source files from Windows Update rather then from the local installation files..

So , when it cannot access the Windows Update site, for example when you do not yet have a working internet connection or are behind a corporate firewall, the installation of the feature fails!

That sucks, especially because you don’t get any feedback that an internet connection is required here….

So, off to DISM.exe then:

type “Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:x:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess”

where x: maps to your Windows Server 8 Beta ISO/DVD and LimitAccess is for telling the installer that there is no internet connection available, so it shouldn’t even try it.

Oh yeah, on my first installation this situation f*cked up the installer store, so this dism.exe method wouldn’t even work anymore. So I reinstalled Server 8 completely . Yes that sucked. 😦

Also, I want to use the Snipping Tool to do some screenshots now and then. For this we have to enable the Desktop Experience feature.

Its a little hidden, within the “User Interfaces and Infrastructures ” item so check this out: