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IIS fails after Renewal of SSL certificate – The page cannot be displayed –

February 8, 2012

Scenario: After a PKI infrastructure migration, we were renewing SSL certificates on webservers, to replace all certificates issued by the old CA, by new certificates provided by the new CA.
Problems arose when we bound the new certificate to an IIS instance; the website on which it was used would stop working.
When you typed in the url of the website, you would simply get a message ” The page could not be displayed”
After using the SSL Diagnostics tool it turned out the private key was missing.
Of course, IIS doesn’t complain about that when you assign the certificate to the website… 😦
So, how did the private key turn up missing?
Well, we generated the certificate using the Web Enrollment page of the internal CA server. Then when you click the generated certificate, is is placed automatically in the Personal certificate Store.
We then just cut-paste the certificate to the Computer certificate Store.
But alas, that doesn’t include the private key then! So, you have to manually Export the ssl certificate from the Personal store, including the privaate key, and then import it into the local Computer certificate store.
Only then will it work for IIS.
Thanks to this article for helping us out


SCCM: BITS download failing / hangs

August 5, 2011

Classic problem today: when downloading a program from the “Run Advertised Programs” item in Control Panel on a ConfigMgr client, the download of the software “hangs” .
When cancelled and restarted, it hangs again, although at a different percentage of the download.
Following this post quickly turned me to the ApplicationHost.config file, where i had to allow another filetype to be downloaded through IIS.
This time is was the “.config” file-extension and the “.resources” file extensions that caused the 404 errors in the IIS-log.
These files were appearantly present in the Intel AMT / IME drivers/application which i had packaged.
After modifying the ApplicationHost.config (on all DP’s!)and doing an IISRESET, the BITS download worked perfectly.