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Black screen on HP ProBook 4730s

December 22, 2011

Just rolled out Windows 7 SP1 image to HP ProBook 4730s.
Downloaded drivers from hp site
This laptop contains not one, but two videoadapters.
One is an Ati Radeon HD 6490M, the other an Intel HD 3000 IGP.
This dual video technology is what AMD calls Switchable Graphics Technology
Looks nice, whith automatic switching between video-adapters when needed. But during OSD with SCCM, this poses a problem.
After the drivers have loaded, the screen stays black.
You can however, connect to the pc using RDP, and when opening devicemanager, both display-adapters show perfectly installed, with the correct drivers. But still, only a black screen.
Tried the previous version of the driver, (8.840.7.0 instead of the newer 8.840.7.1000) but still no dice.
I imagine there is some problem with sccm/windows figuring out which display adapter to send the information to…
So finally i disabled all display drivers for this model in SCCM, so i would get only the native windows 7 drivers.
After that i got some display on screen, although in default vga, but hey, better that than nothing.

I then found out that when you disable the adapter switching in the BIOS, the OSD imaging goes smooth.
Basically what you’re doing then is disabling the Ati video adapter.
It then finds the Intel HD IGP, installs the driver, and voila.
How to disable this adapter switching?
Reboot laptop, press F10 to enter the BIOS, choose the tab called System Configuration, choose Device Configurations, and scroll all the way down to “Switchable Graphics”.
Put this on “No”, save, and reboot.