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SCCM OOB console fails “GetAMTPowerState fail with result:0x80070005

August 23, 2011

So i implemented OOB management in a SCCM 2007 R2 SP2 environment. I had set up the whole PKI infrastructure, opened up the nescessary network ports, and everything worked fine.
Up untill now.
When i try to connect to a workstation using the OOB management Console, it would hang on “Connecting…” and then go to Disconnected.
But when i rightclick a computer, select OOB Management -> Power Control, i AM able to turn the computer remotely on and off.
So there is communication, but the OOB Mgmt Console can’t establish a connection to the workstation.
The logfile oobconsole.log located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\AdminUILog shows the error
GetAMTPowerState fail with result:0x80070005
Now, i’ve searched a LOT on the internet for a solution, but haven’t found one.
I checked the Kerberos tokensize, which was well within bounds, also i checked the PKI CA if it was issuing the SSL certificates to the clients properly, and ran through these excellent SCCM OOB Troubleshooting posts (part 1 and part two
Still, same error.
So i ended up manually going into the AMT in the client machines, and selecting Unprovision, (Partial) and waiting for the next provisioning cycle to pick them back up.
Because this takes 24 hours normally, i changed this to once every hour, to speed things up a bit
After that, i could connect to them without problems again.