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Dell Latitude E6500 freezes when in dockingstation

September 28, 2010

A quick one here, just to share an issue that was bothering me.
I have a Dell latitude E6500 laptop. When i ran Windows XP SP3 on it, i could work fine with it, whether on battery, on ac-power, or in a docking station.
Then i upgraded to Windows 7.
It still runs OK on battery and on ac-power, but when i would dock it in a dockingstation, the laptop would randomly freeze within 10 minutes of using.
Freeze as in: no more response to mouse / keyboard, screen still working, and the only way to resolve it is by pressing the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off.
Tried the following:
– newest BIOS (using A22 now)
– Re-install of Windows 7
– eliminate possible driver issues, tried latest version of all device drivers

Still no dice.
Then i started eliminating causes:
– It can’t be a hardware failure (for instance of the dockingport on the laptop), because then with XP it should also have crashed when on the docking station.
– It’s not a driver or software issue, because then it should also crash while on battery or on ac-power.

FInally, i thought about powersaving issues. Maybe the laptop wants to go on some sort of hibernation or S-state, and doesn’t correctly handle the “on-battery” vs. “on-AC power” change when putting it into the dockingstation.
After all, the freeze looked as if the CPU was just being halted.
So i disabled all power-saving features in Windows 7 (Energysavings->High Performance) and applied this profile to be used when on battery and when on ac-power.
Since then, no more problems when used in docking station!
I’ve worked for a few weeks now with the laptop occasionally docked, and still going strong.
I hope anyone can be helped with this.