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SCCM: No Boot Action for Device (number) found

August 25, 2011

I had a computer on which the OS was damaged so it would not boot, and using PXE boot it would just get the “” so it could be reimaged.

How do we know what collection it is in, so that we can find out why is doesn’t have any PXE advertisements?
– There is no label on the computer with a computername
– The OS won’t boot, so we cannot see the computername within windows.

That leaves us with only the MAC Address and the GUID to search with.

When you do a search in the SCCM Console in a collection , you can not search on either of these values.
So we have to use a query or a Report for this.
You can do this by using a standard report, within the folder Network, called MAC – Computers for a specific MAC Address:

But only if the system is known within SCCM.
So what if this does not show any results?

Then the system is unknown within SCCM, and therefore automatically is a member of the collection “Unknown Computers”
So any advertisements targeted to that collection should also apply to this computer.

But what if it still gets the “” stuff?
Then it’s time to get into PXE.
Open the file smspxe.log which is located on the sccm server in \SMS_CCM\Logs
Search in there for the mac address and for any messages.
In this case, it showed that sccm thought this computer was a known computer, with no active advertisements.
These are the messages in the log:

Executing LookupDevice..
CDatabaseProxy :: LookupDevice succeeded:
Device found in the database. MacCount=1 GuidCount=0
Executing GetBootAction
No Boot Action for Device (5292) found]
ProcessDatabaseReply: No Advertisement found in Db for device]

So, the device was foun din the database, on the basis of its MAC Address.
Strange, because I could not find the computer anywhere in the SCCM Database.
Now there is some caching of the SCCM database in the PXE part, so maybe it was once a known computer, but it was deleted recently.
So, a restart of the PXE service (or rather the Windows deployment Services – WDS ) on the sccm server should fix this.

This didn’t help either, still getting the
Well, if SCCM thinks it doesn’t know the computer, but PXE thinks it does, let’s tell either one of them something else.
So I added the computer to SCCM manually, by creating a new Computer Association.
Then added the “new computer” to a collection with the correct advertisements, and voila, we have working PXE boot again.

But the question remains: how can PXE/SCCM “find” the computer in the database, while I cannot find it anywhere?