Setting up a Server 8 – System Center 2012 testenvironment… on a laptop – Part 3: Hyper-V

Now that we have WiFi working, let’s get our Hyper-V on 🙂

After making sure that Intel-VT is enabled on the BIOS, install the Hyper-V role.

Go to Server Manager, Manage, Add Roles and Features, and select the Hyper-V Role.

Do not choose any adapters to bind to while installing this Role, we’ll do that later.

After rebooting the Role is installed and we can start configuring it.

Now the goal here is to have multiple Virtual Switches, binding to different networks.

I want to be able to easily switch to another network in a running VM, without having to add or remove Network Adapters.

Also, I want to be able to share the WiFi connection of my parent OS (Windows 8 Server Beta) with the VM’s.

As we can read in this article , it was a little tricky for the Server 8 / Hyper-V team to get this stuff working. But they managed, by using the ol’ trusted Network Bridging technique, which people were using already to get WiFi connected to their Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V environments.

So, these are the networks and their Hyper-V virtual Switches I use:

– External Switch – Wifi

Connected to the Intel 6300 WiFi adapter. Provides internet access to the VMs.

– External Switch – Wired

Connected to the Intel 82579LM Gigabit wired adapter. Provides internet access to VMs.

– Internal Switch – SC2012 Demo

No external connections, just for internal InterVM communication.

Basically, all VM’s in this environment will only be attached to the SC2012-Demo switch. This is an Internal Switch, allowing connecting to/between VMs and the host.

I created this ‘vSwitch with the checkbox on for ” Allow management OS to use this Connection”, and after that I assigned the newly created NIC in the parent OS with an IP address in the range i’m using for this environment.

This way I can include the parent OS of the laptop into the SC2012 environment. Hey, I need a Hyper-V host to manage, right?

So this is how it looks in Switch Manager in Hyper-V:

and this is how it looks in Networking Center in the parent OS:

As you can see a Network Bridge has been created that links the WiFi adapter to the Virtual Switch called External Virtual Switch – Wifi.

This will allow my VMs to access the internet when needed.


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