SCCM 2012 PXE not working after failed OSD TS

When i was doing my first OSD TS with SCCM 2012, the TS failed at first. Of course 🙂

I got a nice error 0x80004005 during a “Build and Capture” sequence, at the point where it was supposed to start installing windows 7 x64 to my VM.

When opening the smsts.log file it told me that i had made a bad combination of Boot image (x86) and the Windows  7 version i wanted to install (x64)

Well that made perfect sense, so i changed the boot image, and was ready to retry the operation.

But hey, after rebooting, i would no longer get a PXE boot.


I had advertised the TS to the “All unknown computers” collection, but i suspected that even though this TS had failed pretty fast, somehow a record of the new computer had been made in SCCM.

And when a record has been made for the copmuter, it is of course no longer an “Unknown Computer”.

And yes, in the Collection “All Systems”, there was a new Computer object, called “unknown computer”

Hey, that’s a new one. An Unknown Computer, which is in itself no longer an unknown entity, because there is a record for it in SCCM.

And therefore, it has become a member of the “All Systems” collection, and is no longer a member of the “All Unknown Computers” collection.

Can anyone still follow me? 😛

To make a long story short, just delete this object, update the collection membership, and PXE is working again for the new computer


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