SCCM: Unattended installation of program using Run with Administrative Rights not working…

I tried to deploy a program using SCCM, during an OSD Task Sequence.
The program was actually a batch file which called upon an installer with a couple of parameters like /silent and such.

The installation of this program failed, even when i created a seperate Advertisement for Software Distribution for this program and ran it within windows.
But, when i browsed to c:\windows\system32\ccm\cache\ and manually fired up the installation, it did run.
So the syntax of the program installation was correct, but the program just did not want to run/install under the system account.
It probably needed some sort of user feedback or such.

So in the properties of the Program, on the Environment tab i checked the box on “Allow users to interact with this program” .
And now the installation of the program worked just fine.
But when you select that option, you can no longer select the program to be used in a Task Sequence.
After all, everything in a TS has to be run automatically, silent and without user intervention.
Then i found this post, which basically deals with the same issue of having a program that only runs when you allow users to interact, but you want to use it in a Task Sequence.

So i added a “Run Command Line” step to the TS, included the program package in it, and voila.
The command line simply contained the content of the batch file.


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