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error 0x00004E2D an error occured while accessing the dhcp database

October 26, 2011

When doing the Split Scope wizard in Server 2008 R2 to split a dhcp scope over 2 servers, i ran into this error.
Turned off virusscanners to prevent locks on the database, to no avail.
I was able to do a proper backup of the dhcp database using
netsh dhcp server export
But still got the error when trying to go through the split scope wizard.
Then i did a Reconcile on the scope, which turned up with a few errors.
I let it fix it, then reran the Reconcile. No more errors.
After thath, the split scope ran just fine!
More Information about Reconciling a dhcp scope is here


SCCM: Unattended installation of program using Run with Administrative Rights not working…

October 11, 2011

I tried to deploy a program using SCCM, during an OSD Task Sequence.
The program was actually a batch file which called upon an installer with a couple of parameters like /silent and such.

The installation of this program failed, even when i created a seperate Advertisement for Software Distribution for this program and ran it within windows.
But, when i browsed to c:\windows\system32\ccm\cache\ and manually fired up the installation, it did run.
So the syntax of the program installation was correct, but the program just did not want to run/install under the system account.
It probably needed some sort of user feedback or such.

So in the properties of the Program, on the Environment tab i checked the box on “Allow users to interact with this program” .
And now the installation of the program worked just fine.
But when you select that option, you can no longer select the program to be used in a Task Sequence.
After all, everything in a TS has to be run automatically, silent and without user intervention.
Then i found this post, which basically deals with the same issue of having a program that only runs when you allow users to interact, but you want to use it in a Task Sequence.

So i added a “Run Command Line” step to the TS, included the program package in it, and voila.
The command line simply contained the content of the batch file.

Problem joining computer to domain in SCCM OSD TS

October 11, 2011

In an SCCM OSD Task Sequence i had put in the step to join the computer to a domain, using a low-priviliged account.
This special serviceaccount had been granted the right to join computers to the domain, by using the Delation of Control wizard in ADUC. (Active Directory Users and Computers)
This worked fine the first time the computer was imaged.

The second time during imaging however, the domainjoining step failed.

When i tried to manually join the system to the domain afterwards, using the credentials of the serviceaccount, i got an “Access is denied” error.

So a little googling turned up with this KB arcticle, which mentioned exactly this problem.

It turns out that when you use the standard Delegation of Control wizard to grant someone the right to join computers to the domain, this does not include the resetting of the computer password, which is exactly what is done when you re-install a computer that was already joined to a domain.
By following the steps in the KB article and granting additional rights to the account, everything worked fine.

Quickly removing all packages from distribution point

October 11, 2011

How to quickly remove all sccm packages from one or more DPs? Either by clicking each package and going through the Manage Distribution Point Wizard to remove it from a DP, but that takes too long when we’re talking about 100+ packages.
Fortunately, someone ( Cory Becht) built a nice little tool for this : get it here