Intel IME / IME / HECI Windows XP driver issue on HP 8200 Elite SFF pc

When adding the Intel IME driver for Windows XP on a HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF computer, i would get an error saying: An error occured during the installation of the device. The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name.
Appearantly some other device driver already created a service called HECI , with a service Display Name of “Intel(r) Management Engine Interface”
To resolve this, i had to delete this service in the registry, reboot, and after that the driver would succesfully install.
Specifically i had to remove the registry key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HECI
This key actually points to the correct driverfile (heci.sys) and also the correct version of the file.
But when i re-install the driver for the IME device, it creates a different service:
With also a DisplayName of “Intel(r) Management Engine Interface”
So the other service called HECI is preventing the MEI service from being created, and thus, the driver from being installed.
How did this HECI service get in there in the first place?
Maybe it was already in the capture image i made with sccm?
I might have to remove it manually from this capture image then.
Or, maybe i can edit the .inf file of the heci.sys driver and change the DisplayName of the Service so they won’t conflict?
To be continued…


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11 Responses to “Intel IME / IME / HECI Windows XP driver issue on HP 8200 Elite SFF pc”

  1. Dante Says:

    Rikko – thanks a lot for the post on the HECI fix – i pounded my head against this laptop most of the afternoon yesterday and your post fixed it in minutes.

  2. AJ Says:

    Thanks man, good find!

    I had the same breadcrumb in my image for my HP 6000 Pro’s and couldn’t get it to lay down on my HP 6200 Pro’s even though I had all the updated drivers.

    I removed the HECI key and now all is good, when the box comes out of mini-setup, it just installs the newer MEI key.

    Thanks Intel for changing naming conventions for no reason 😛

  3. MG Says:

    Found another solution in case you need to keep the HECI key in the registry for some reason (supporting multiple platforms on the same image)

    Edit the following line in HECI.inf (MEI directory)

    HECI_SvcDesc = “Intel (R) Management Engine Interface” to
    HECI_SvcDesc = “Intel (R) Management Engine Interfac”

    That would eliminate naming conflict with existing service.

    Actually you can put anything like “Intel use your head next time” as long as it doesn’t conflict with existing device or service.

  4. Güçhan Says:

    Thanx for great fix.We use multiple driver in win xp image at 8200 elite.This fix save my day !!

  5. Rukicc Says:


    The same problem happens when you create image from Windows 7 and clone to new PC with different AMT chipset version.
    In my case image from AMT 6.0 and cloned to AMT 7.0 – driver not compatible. Setup of Management engine driver failed with error: “The setup progam could not install one or more device drivers. The setup is aborted”

    Solution: DELETE HECI service from registry, reboot and install Management Engine driver compatible with your platform.

    • alankru Says:

      I have had the same issue with a Windows 7 image. I determined from reviewing the C:\WINDOWS\INF\ log file (see that the Intel Management Engine Driver could not be installed due to the “MEI” service as per this blog. Although I deleted the HECI service entries from the registry, it still did not install and instead I had to delete the HECI.sys entry in:


      After a reboot, the Intel Management Engine Driver has installed OK.

  6. Heci interface | Ezfortz Says:

    […] Intel IME / IME / HECI Windows XP driver issue on HP 8200 Elite …Aug 2, 2011 … With also a DisplayName of “Intel(r) Management Engine Interface” So the other service called HECI is preventing the MEI service from being … […]

  7. Justin Says:

    This worked for my HP 6560B Laptop as well. Thank you very much. Was there an installation error log you used to isolate the problem?

  8. David Says:

    MEIx64 was the service causing the problem for me

  9. bertybassett Says:

    superb! wored for me on 64 bit machine the reg hack to delete is called


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